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World Book Day 2020


Macmillan Coffee Morning - Friday 27th September 2019

Our Macmillan Coffee Morning was a great success.  Thank you to all who organised it, participated in it or baked/donated cakes for it - we appreciated all your involvement.  A fabulous £292.74 was raised for this excellent cause. Many thanks!

Chinese Week

Children across the school have participated in a theme week that focused on China and Chinese New Year celebrations. Each class was tasked with making a dragon head and Chinese crafts that they shared with the rest of the school during celebration time. Throughout the week, there was many writing opportunities across the curriculum that explored China's geographical features, Chinese traditions and folk lore.



Tuesday 5th March - Shrove Tuesday

Today was Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake day!

We had pancake races in the hall, the winners of each group raced each other – Isabelle was our winner overall.

We then ate a pancake and could pick our topping of toffee, strawberry or chocolate sauce – delicious!



World Book Day

Today, we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as an aspect of vocabulary.  We started our day with some paired reading where EYFS and KS1 children shared a book with the KS2 children.  This was then followed by lots of reading activities within the classrooms and a book swap!  The day came to a conclusion with a whole school assembly where we were able to showcase to the whole school our World Book Day costumes.  Each teacher has selected a child or children from their class who were dressed the most creatively, these children will receive a special prize at Celebration Assembly on Tuesday afternoon. We can’t wait to find out who the winners will be!



Crime Scene Investigation Week (5th November 2018)

 Early Years (EY - Nursery & Reception)

On Monday morning, in EY the children discovered a crime had taken place! The police asked the children to investigate who had pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall. There were clues at the crime scene which we examined over the course of the week. The clues were a mixture of things to smell, taste, match and measure.

We had a list of suspect and used the clues left at the scene to narrow the investigation down, using sensory-based activities.

On Friday, the police sent us a video of the criminal confessing to what he had done and why. It turned out that Jack (from the nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’) was the culprit!

All the children had a fantastic week and were amazing detectives!


Phase 2- CSI - Detective Work

Year 1, 2 and 3 have had an exciting week focusing on who stole Red Riding Hood’s treats while she was visiting school. On Monday morning, the children all received a lovely invitation to Grandma’s cottage for a party however, soon after the note was received, some children found Red Riding Hood’s basket bearing nothing, but empty wrappers. The Thief left some clues and the children were hot on their tail using their excellent detective skills.


Throughout the week, children developed their investigation skills through a range of cross-curricular activities such as crime workshops in chromatography, fingerprinting and hidden messages.  We even had a police officer come in to teach us about how to properly investigate a crime scene. The children have developed measuring and comparing skills, code-cracking skills and analysing data to help solve the crime. We even analysed a witness statement to help us write a wanted poster for the criminal.


Phase 3 - Crime Scene Investigation

Over the past few days, KS2 have been investigating the 'Case of the Christmas Crisis'. On the morning of Monday 5th November, the festive hamper (for the Christmas raffle) was shown to Y4, Y5 and Y6. However, the hamper was discovered demolished in the Lilac Room that afternoon. We were all suspects so we all wrote our alibi and the following date we wrote a victim impact statement. We further investigated for deeper evidence, and found foot prints in two various piles of crisps (one bigger than the other). Later on in the week we discovered that it was a red herring! Crisps were also scattered around Mrs Rea’s office and Holly –a pupil in year 6- asked her if she knew anything about it. She replied, “I dropped them at lunch when I had crisps for dinner,” but they were spotted on the morning of Tuesday 6th November. On Wednesday afternoon, we were assembled into the hall to discuss the despicable crime! We investigated more and collected the fingerprints of all the suspects- the staff. We did this because there was a thumb print on a mug that was left by the thief in the Lilac Room. After doing a variety of activities in the school hall such as finger printing and writing messages in invisible ink, Mrs Henderson, Miss Cooper and Mr Williams confronted Mrs Rea. She confessed that she was the one who destroyed the children’s fun! After we figured this out, we wrote a newspaper report containing our findings. (Written by some of our Y6 children)



Summer Fayre 2018

Children throughout school prepared crafts and foods to sell at our Summer Fayre in July supported by the PTA.  The event was hugely successful and was an excellent fundraiser for the school.  We would like to thank all parents, grandparents and family friends
who came to support the fayre. 



Easter Egg Raffle

Here are the successful winners of our raffle.  Thank you to all who bought tickets to support fundraising for our school. 

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